Strong leadership is the driver that strengthens and galvanizes all. Our founding directors are at the helm. They possess a vast amount of industry knowledge and a wealth of experience borne over many years. Leading from the front they provide critical advice to clients and the rest of the Grange team alike, expertly managing any issues that arise.

Technical Proficiency

We have a practiced and studied knowledge of the industry and the products that deliver the solutions. We understand the complexities around policies and we never leave to chance.


Clients are our most important assets. We listen to them. Then we tailor solutions specifically to their needs. We thrive on building strong personable relationships and are always highly responsive to their inquiries and communications.

Expansive Network

With a vast national and international business base we are able to source and select insurance solutions from around the globe. Over the years we’ve developed powerful partnerships with suppliers throughout the globe. This enables us to support clients in their international interests as they grow and expand and bring the best of our international knowledge to our national clientele.